Mitomimura Business List


  1. Resolving idle farmland and cultivating grapes
    Yamanashi city idle farmland maintenance

    By cultivating 3ha of idle farmland in Yamanashi City every year and 30ha in 10 years, we will revitalize agriculture, which is the main industry of Yamanashi Prefecture, and make effective use of idle farmland that has been left unattended due to the aging population and lack of successors. . In addition, the grapes produced will be used in the local fruit processed products business.

  2. Processing and sales of processed local fruit products, refrigerated and frozen storage of fruit-cultivated agricultural products, and brewed foods

    By creating a food processing factory, we will not only use it for raw food, but also transform agricultural products that cannot be shipped for raw food into processed food. Grapes and peaches are processed into wine, puree, etc., and sold to make effective use of unmarketable fruits and reduce food loss.

  3. Processing and sales of wild game,edible wild plants, and river fish,pet food

    • Efforts will be made to exterminate pests that destroy farmland and reduce pest damage throughout the region. We will fulfill our responsibility to take lives not only by extermination but also by making processed food.
    • We will strive to develop, manufacture, and sell mountain products such as edible wild plants, bamboo shoots, and mushrooms that make use of the blessings of nature, and to develop products that use freshwater fish from beautiful rivers.

  4. Agricultural experience

    We will use Mitomi Elementary School as a hands-on facility that will get you interested in agriculture and forestry. We will convey to the children who will be responsible for the future the wonders of working with nature, and we will work together with the local community to promote food education. In addition, we will support the transfer of workers from other industries to agriculture and forestry, and promote the welcoming of migrants to Mitomi.

  5. Effective utilization of closed school facilities

    Utilizing the rich nature of Mitomi, we will provide activities using the facilities of Mitomi Elementary School, such as sports and woodworking experiences using forest products. We will make it a place where people from inside and outside the prefecture gather in response to tourism that avoids the crowds of after-corona.

    Former Mitomi Elementary School facility usage fee list

    • ground, physical education
    • A place for everyone in the Mitomi area to use
    • Campsite/Mountain climbing
    • climbing school
    • Paragliding school
    • drone school
    • Children's club recreation venues inside and outside the prefecture
    • College training camp
  6. Agriculture-welfare cooperation, various work implementation

    • This will not only create opportunities for people with disabilities to find employment and create a purpose in life, but also have the potential to secure new workers in the agricultural sector, where there is a shortage of workers and an aging population. Mitomi Elementary School will be a place to connect the community and people with disabilities through farm work.
    • We will create a place where people with physical disabilities can work long-term by creating stable employment such as food processing and maintenance of idle farmland. The stable building of Mitomi Elementary School and the work space surrounded by rich nature allow you to work freely and help you to continue working.

  7. Town revitalization at “Mitomi, home of medicinal herbs and medicinal trees”

    We will protect the nature of the Mitomi area and use it as a tourism resource by loving and nurturing it. Encouraging mountain walking for mountain tourism, cultivating familiar medicinal herbs and trees that have been around since ancient times such as Houttuynia cordata, Japanese coptis, hawthorn and Chinese quince as sample gardens, and researching and researching suitable crops in suitable areas to create Japan’s number one health town. I will