The former Mitomi Elementary School site effective utilization project implemented by Mitomimura Co., Ltd. will primarily utilize the rich nature of the Mitomi area. The nature of the Mitomi area, which has been loved and nurtured by the local people, and the local people who have protected it are the most precious resources.

In addition, in the event of a disaster, we will open it to the public as an evacuation site for people in the Mitomi area, and will operate under thorough risk management and safety management. Mitomi Elementary School will protect nature and people, and will be a place to create jobs and safety related to local industries.

Please feel free to drop by.

Representative member Kazuya Hirose


About the Mitomi area

Mitomi is surrounded by Chichibu-Tama-Kai National Park, a village at the source of the Fuefuki River. Mitomi Village is a mountain village that opened along the former Chichibu Highway in the beautiful valley of the Fuefuki River.

The stream, which originates in the distant Kokushigatake, weaves a number of waterfalls and pools in the Nishizawa Valley, joins the Higashizawa Valley, which originates from Mt. Kobushingatake and Mt.

Lake Hirose, where the old village was submerged, is the largest man-made lake in the prefecture that shows various expressions in each season.

Most of the village is a mountain road, and the nearly 20 villages scattered on the sunny flat land with a slight stream have a unique mountain village life rooted in the climate of Mitomi, which remains along the old highway. The stone Buddha also suggests that the history of the village dates back to ancient times.

There are many festivals and folk events unique to each village, such as shrines and temples, Dosojin Festival Dondoyaki and Tenjin Festival held on the Lunar New Year.


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